We celebrate the best Music of 2019 with an episode featuring THE JASONS, SHARKMUFFIN, THE BRICKBATS, MAD DOCTORS, THEE GIRL FRIDAYS and more. Monstermatt Patterson brings a brand new MONTERMATT MINUTE, and Kraig Khaos goes hardcore with a new Killer Kut.


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Episode 253: The Music Of 2019 (So Far) (Released June 23, 2019)

Notes: Delayed, decayed, but never afraid.

This episode was delayed slightly due to a recent issue with iTunes. We’ve been on the platform for over eight years but every since Episode 250, there was an issue with our episodes showing up. Other platforms – Stitcher Radio, MixCloud, PocketCasts – functioned fine. We may just go streaming only after this. Thoughts?

Thank you for listening.

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01. Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space, “Nice Day For An Exorcism”
02. Screamin’ Rebel Angels, “Racing Death”
03. Sharkmuffin, “Serpentina”
04. The Brickbats, “Sleestaks”
05. Chaneys, “Creepy Hands”
06. Washington Dead Cats, “You Came To Haunt Me”
07. The Jasons, “It’s Still Crystal Lake To Me (No Matter What They Call It In Part VI)
08. Screamers & Sinners, “Planet Z”
09. Degenerated, “I Hate It”
10. Doomsdale High, “From Ghoul To Cool”
11. Bitchwaves, “Batty Flap”
12. SWAMPS, “Voodoo In My Head”
13. The Freeze, “World I Know”
14. Romero’s Nation, “Rotten Flesh Activity”
15. Thee Girl Fridays, “Too Much Of A Good Thing”
16. Mad Doctors, “Fuck Sean Hannity”
17. Hairy Nipples, “Keep On Trying”
18. Skulls, “Basket Case”
19. Thee Windom Earles, “Lunchtime, Munchtime”


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