This week on A Waste of Time with ItsTheReal, we welcome Queens Village's own DJ Whoo Kid to the Upper West Side! Most known for his work as 50 Cent's touring DJ, we discuss seeing Tupac walk by his house during the Digital Underground days, taking a summer school course with DJ Clue, how exactly he got leaked songs from record labels, Puff's reaction after Whoo Kid used a previously unreleased Biggie verse for his song with 50, Eminem's look-alike from the Anger Management tour, who they called Partial Mathers, the number one thing you don't want to do at 50's Connecticut mansion, having a gun pulled on him by Big Pun, having a gun pulled on him by T.I., dubbing mixtapes while working as a security guard at the airport, Suge Knight looking for him after he leaked an unreleased Tupac verse, kicking Kanye out of the studio the night Ye got into his car accident, how Howard Stern ruined Whoo Kid's life, finding his way out of a fist fight with DJ Kay Slay in the streets, fronting like he was the official DJ for Bad Boy Records, connecting a teenage Big Sean with Kanye in Detroit, how he evolved his interviews at SiriusXM into the wild conversations he's famous for today, whatever happened to the album he owed to Capitol, and so much more!!

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