This week on A Waste of Time with ItsTheReal, we welcome our fellow podcaster Adam22 from the Downtown Los Angeles-based No Jumper podcast. We talk how he went from riding BMX bikes and doing graffiti in a tiny New Hampshire town to committing credit card scams and trafficking drugs throughout the Northeast, and how he then transformed himself into a legitimate business-owner with an enormous platform for internet hip-hop. All that, plus discussions about his father's Presidential pardon, Desiigner, online poker, Boston's hardcore scene, living in a commune, and so much more!This episode is sponsored by Seeso. Comedy’s experiencing a serious renaissance right now, and Seeso is a comedy streaming service tailor-made for comedy-lovers and nerds, with thousands of hours of the best comedy, 24/7/365. Go to and start watching all the comedy you can stream for free.

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