This week on A Waste of Time with ItsTheReal, we welcome music video director, filmmaker, storyteller and Mac Miller's long-time creative partner, Ian "Rex Arrow" Wolfson to the Upper West Side! Ian, our great friend and collaborator, discusses growing up in Pittsburgh, its specific dialect, geography, famous residents, and tiny world for a big city, his devotion to cross-country running, his introduction to documentary filmmaking, and his goal to move to New York City to make movies. We get into his years as a student at Columbia University, his experience working at the famous movie rental store, Kim's Video and Music, the story that only he could tell back in Pittsburgh, how that film blew up in a million pieces, but how it introduced him to a teenage artist named Easy Mac. Ian talks about how his and Mac's relationship as friends and collaborators grew and evolved over the course of a decade, shooting 34 music videos together, touring the world with the tight circle of friends, living out of Mac's recording den in his Los Angeles home, reacting to fan love, reacting to Donald Trump's threats, evolving into freer artists and fully-formed adults, the absolute heartbreak of Malcolm McCormick's passing away, and opening your soul to beauty in the world once more. Ian reflects with great humor and great heart on a number of projects with Mac, a number with us, on meeting Mister Rogers, on losing actors due to dogs, on wearing a dress on stage, on stealing pants, and much, much more!

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