Today on Episode 42 of Quarantine Radio we make calls from our Upper West Side apartment to check in on podcaster/writer/news-breaker Big Wos to talk about how he told the world about Drake's latest release, what the reaction is in his household when David Aldridge shows up in the Michael Jordan documentary The Last Dance, the one celebrity that lives in Wos' neighborhood in the Valley, our favorite Bon Appetit personalities, and so much more! We get on the line with acclaimed basketball and sneaker writer Russ Bengtson to catch up on the worst people in the Trump administration, the most underrated member of the Chicago Bulls' dynasty, any surprise at the idea that Phil Jackson would gun for Doug Collins' job, drive-by birthday celebrations, what people are doing in Ace Hardware parking lots during the quarantine, and much more! And finally we phone down to North Carolina to speak with the New York Times best-selling author Jonathan Abrams about the balance between writing his next book and playing Legos with his kids, the brilliant interviewing techniques used in The Last Dance, the joy that comes from sitting down with a childhood hero, Kobe Bryant's killer instinct, his perspective on Trump's use of the term "fake news," and so much more!

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