Today on Episode 46 of Quarantine Radio we make calls from our Upper West Side apartment to check in on the director of ESPN's Michael Jordan documentary The Last Dance, Jason Hehir - we talk about growing up in Newton, Massachusetts mimicking Jordan's moves and listening to Rakim and LL Cool J tapes and all these years later combining those loves on a worldwide stage, how he approached his conversations with MJ and with Isiah Thomas, the philosophies of the documentary's editing team, the tiny details that bring context to a gigantic story, whether after spending so much time with Jordan he's more relatable or other-worldly, or both, and so much more! Then we get on the phone with our friend Jadakiss to discuss some of his Michael Jordan stories, his appreciation for Patrick Ewing and the 90's Knicks, his personal friendship with Carmelo Anthony, the best and worst courtside experiences, how his Ramadan has been going, a very important hair update, a dance challenge for Alchemist, and much more! And finally, we get on the horn with ESPN personality and commentator Pablo Torre to break down his Linkin Park viral video, which sports celebrities turned down an opportunity to sing along, how Pablo chose where in his apartment to set up his work camera, how fatherhood has been since welcoming his daughter in February, some fond - and not-so fond - memories as captain of Regis High School's Debate Team captain, and so much more!

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