Today on Episode 45 of Quarantine Radio, we make calls from our Upper West Side apartment to check in on hall of fame producer/writer/performer Larry Wilmore to talk about what The Office means to multiple generations, what roles he's recognized for in public, what he saw in then-novice TV writer Cord Jefferson when he hired him at The Nightly Show, how Hollywood productions might move forward over the next 18 months, how he got his start working for radio disc jockey Rick Dees, who his least favorite person in the Trump administration is, and much more! We call out to Brooklyn to catch up with our friend and co-host of Netflix + Strong Black Lead's Okay Now Listen podcast Sylvia Obell; we discuss how her new collaboration with Netflix came to be, her first thoughts when she saw herself as a cartoon, the most frustrating thing about her upstairs neighbor, how her sister's college graduation speaker will be Barack Obama, how she's planning to celebrate her mom on Mother's Day this weekend, and much more! And finally, we dial out to the West Coast and get comedian KevOnStage on the line to break down how he's staying in contact with his fanbase these days, finding hope in his health, his family, and a fan who happens to be a therapist, never resting on his successes when it comes to his career, why Teddy Riley started following Kev on Instagram, how we as a world will move from horses to cars, and much more!

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