Phun Suong Thanh Cong
Address: 326/8 Huynh Thi Hai Street, Quarter 8, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City
Phone: 088 968 8840
Knowledge in the field of Mist Spray: 
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No. 1 nebulizer system supplier company in Ho Chi Minh City - Phun Suong Thanh Cong did you know? Today, let's follow us to discover about the company, its products and other useful information waiting for you, stay tuned.
Currently, in the market, especially in the South, like Ho Chi Minh City, there are quite a few companies providing a variety of different types of nebulizers with different prices to meet the increasing demand of the market. Giới thiệu về is the most mentioned unit.

So what do we have? How is the product?... The following introduction will help you get more information and maybe it will suit your needs. And now let's start to find out.

The company was established and put into operation in 2010, specializing in the field of manufacturing and assembling machines, supplying and installing fogging and cooling water spray systems.

We are currently the first unit in the South to supply and assemble nebulizers. The company has been holding a highly competitive position in the current nebulizer market. We were born and constantly develop to create the most authentic values.


The company is a reputable unit, receiving the trust and cooperation of many partners. With the change of weather, the need to install nebulizers in many places has increased, therefore, the company is having a strategy to expand the market to many regions across the country.

With the variety of products, good adaptation, we hope to be able to best meet the needs of each different region, if you have a need, please contact us immediately.
Personnel, facilities

The company invests in building a team of professional, qualified, qualified and enthusiastic staff and technicians, the organization and management is extremely neat. In addition, the equipment and facilities are invested in advanced and modern.
Customer service

Paying attention to the user's feelings, always paying attention to listen to contributions and feedback from customers are the characteristics built by the company since its establishment. Because we are aware that customers are the core value that creates the success of the company.

Phun Suong Thanh Cong - where you can rest assured to put your trust. This is really the address that you should visit, quality, price, all will make you most satisfied.

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