AE888 is receiving special attention from many online betting enthusiasts. A reputable bookmaker with a series of popular betting games such as lottery, online casino, fish shooting, sports betting... and many attractive promotions. Quickly register, and download the app to receive a surprise gift from AE888.
Address: 47 Nhat Chi Mai, Ward 13, Tan Binh, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Phone: 0928588997
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AE888 is a bookmaker belonging to the famous Venus Casino group, and is the official card game at Moc Bai and Bavet border gates of Cambodia. Established in 2012, this place provides extremely safe and modern online entertainment betting services for customers.

After 10 years of development efforts, the brand with the appearance of 5-star quality service makes it impossible for players to refuse. Thanks to that, the number of bettors registering accounts is increasing rapidly.

Coming to AE888, you will be overwhelmed by the rich betting game system, high payout rates, quick deposits and withdrawals, and extremely transparent and clear special points.

Thanks to its outstanding plus points, AE888 Casino has attracted millions of members and many long-time bettors.

Is AE888 a legal playground?
This is a question of concern for many people when learning about this playground. As introduced above, AE888 is officially headquartered in the country of Cambodia. At the same time, the brand is also licensed by online betting organizations to operate with prestige and quality.

After more than a decade of business operations, the bookmaker has received legal certification from the GEOTRUST organization.

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