Auto Clicker CS is an application that supports performing operations with the computer mouse in an automatic manner based on available programming. If you are a genuine gamer or often work on a computer and need to click continuously, then Auto Clicker CS is a good "assistant" for you. Download Auto Clicker CS today
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Customizable Clicking Distance, Time, And Number
With Auto Clicker CS, you can easily adjust the clicking distance and save the coordinates with just a few clicks. You can also choose between left and right clicks and set the time to wait between clicks. This way, you can automate repetitive tasks in games or office work, allowing your hands and eyes to rest or focus on more important tasks.

Convenient Keyboard Shortcuts
The software integrates simple hotkeys to make your experience even smoother. You can use the space key to select and save the coordinates you want to repeat, and the D button from deleting unwanted operations.

Automation for "Idler" Games
Auto Clicker CS is perfect for games that require you to click thousands of times to perform certain tasks. With this automation program, you can optimize your time and minimize the negative impact on your equipment and health. Auto Clicker CS offers better features and user experience than other Auto Click software.

Repeat Mouse Actions With Ease
You can set mouse actions on the main screen of the software to repeat easily and quickly. You can even customize and change the position to be repeated as much as you want, which reduces stress levels when performing repetitive tasks. Auto Clicker CS also helps maintain the mouse's lifespan and save more resources.

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