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Origin of Game portal
Iwin is one of the foreign card game stores established by SJM Holdings Group. For those of you who don't know, SJM Holdings Group is an online entertainment company with more than 15 years of experience based in Singapore.
With our own strong economic and financial potential, we have nurtured and launched Iwin at the end of 2021. Although we have only just started announcing it, Iwin has quickly been present in many large societies such as Vietnam. afraid of Cao, Philippnes, Thailand and even Vietnam.
And just a short day after its announcement, Iwin received recognition from governing bodies. First, they were certified by Isle Of Man to operate legally in Asia in March 2022. A few months later, two major agencies, Ceza and PARGOR, also licensed and protected Iwin's activities.
When entering the main game platform of the Game portal, you will see the certificates of these three agencies. This is the clearest proof of the origin, origin and reputation of the Iwin card game portal.
Iwin's advance
It can be said that from its announcement until now, Iwin is taking steps to upgrade its reach. In our community alone, we have been the most sought-after brand name by gamers in the past 2 years.
When they first opened, they only had about 100,000 employees. However, up to now, according to newly updated data from the publisher, this number has increased to nearly 1.45 million members, which is a 14-fold increase compared to the time it was first introduced.
Not stopping there, according to statistics from the Iwin publishing department, every day our system records about 300 new registration accounts. &Amp; Therefore, it is expected that by the end of 2024, the number will reach 2 million teammates on Vietnamese social networks alone. This is a great number for a name that only debuted 2 years ago.
According to search data on Google Trend, as of the beginning of the new year 2024, the keywords "Iwin" and Iwin - "High-class card game" lot ranked in the top 50 most searched keywords in Vietnam. There were more than 1.90 million searches along with nearly 900,000 queries. These unknown names who know how to lie have further shown the rapid progress that the Iwin game portal is having.

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