W88 is an online bookmaker: sports betting, football & online casino, slot game.. leading Asia & Vietnam today, established since 2013.
Address: Old Quarter, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
Phone: 0905888999
Email: vaobongw88.com@gmail.com
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Website: https://vaobongw88.com/   
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Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/FhfyCEKxRzMxtpzM7   

Get to know the official website of the W88 dealer
Famous brands in the world all have fake goods. The same goes for the W88 house, there are always acts of forging the website, enticing players to deposit money and appropriating the player's money through online transaction methods such as: Zalo, SMS,…

Currently, the W88 house does not support deposit methods via Zalo or SMS. Players when registering a betting account or making a deposit need to know the official website to avoid unnecessary risks in the process of participating in online betting.

Is the W88 dealer safe?
With many newcomers, there is always a question what the W88 house is? W88 is an online bookmaker originating from the Philippines, achieving the CEZA certificate issued by a regulatory agency under the Philippine government. Online betting websites offer the following forms of online betting:

Sports Betting
Online Casino
Slot Games
Lottery, Lottery
3D card game for money
Shoot fish online
P2P game
So when participating in online betting at the W88 house, is it really safe? Let's talk with us about the advantages and disadvantages of the house along with pictures to prove the information to have the most accurate answer to everyone.

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