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Clean Your Arteries [ Prevent a Heart Attack ] using Canary Seed and Cinnamon Water
Introduction (00:00)
It is very important to buy canary seed suitable for human consumption, as not all of them are and not all of them have the same properties. To clean the arteries we must take care of our diet
The foods we consume can be harmful to our health. Excessive intake of certain substances puts arterial health at risk. An excellent natural remedy to ward off this danger is canary seed and cinnamon water .
It is important to take care of your diet and know what foods to eat to avoid blocking the arteries. One of the best remedies is canary seed and cinnamon water . In this article we will show you why it is useful to clean the arteries.
What are the arteries? (00:50)
Arteries are the blood vessels responsible for transporting blood through the human body . Among the dangerous consequences  of their obstruction is a low pressure in the blood supply to the heart.
It is essential to prevent this from happening, as the consequences can be fatal. In some cases, the symptoms of blocked arteries can be really annoying and troubling. Among the most common we find:
• Malaise
• Respiratory problems
• Nausea
• Swelling and water retention
• Fatigue
What is blocking the arteries? (01:27)
Among the most obvious factors are high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, diabetes and stress. Even the obesity and smoking may facilitate the occurrence of this problem.
Obstruction of the arteries is also caused by the excessive consumption of certain substances. Among these we mention alcoholic drinks, fatty foods and sugars, which constitute an excessive consumption of calories.

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