Do you want to be successful? Of course! And who doesn't. We all want to succeed in our field, achieve the goals we have set for ourselves and achieve what we each consider success.

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Ok, but what are you willing to change to achieve it?

Success does not fall from the sky. Or yes, but if it happens, it is a case in a million, so in this channel I usually talk a lot about "ant" work: the things you have to do every other day to reach the goals you have set for yourself. .

But today I'm going to do just the opposite.

I'm going to tell you what you don't have to do if you want success to knock on your door one day and catch you ready.

Are you interested?

Today I want to tell you what 3 things you should NEVER do if you want to be successful.

Throughout my career as an entrepreneur, I have realized that sometimes not everything is doing, doing, doing ...

That I too have gone crazy many times trying strategies with the shiny object syndrome, getting into things that are going nowhere and wasting time as if I had plenty of it. 

That creative dot, well worn, is very healthy. Although in the office sometimes they look at me with fear when I say “something has occurred to me”. 

But there are times when it is much more effective to stop for a moment and not do the things that prevent you from moving forward. That is, learn not to trip yourself up with attitudes that feel awful to you and that are the antithesis of a successful personality.

I'm going to tell you the 3 that are most important to me and that you never have to do. 

1 - Complain and / or make excuses
Let's see, honestly: why are you complaining? What does it bring you? How much do you earn with that?

If you reflect, you will see that normally one complains because he finds a reality that is not what he expected or what he had calculated. 

The cause does not matter. 

Sometimes it is due to your own mistake and others for reasons that are not in your power. The point is, you expected things to go one way and they are another. In other words, a chore.

And then what do you do? Complain.

Or start making excuses because you made a bad decision, because you don't dare to do things, or because everything is much easier if you blame someone else, circumstances or the universe. 

Well, let me tell you that you are spending valuable time on something that you are not going to get anything out of.

The quick thinking and flexibility to adapt to a new situation are part of a personality focused on success.

The less time you spend complaining or making a thousand excuses, the more time you will have to focus on finding solutions.

That chip that makes you react fast, not give yourself a minute of self-pity and refocus NOW, will save you a lot of time on your way to success.

People stand still because they prefer to think that something is not possible before risking failure. 

The correct attitude is: this can be done and I will do all I can to achieve it.

So, you know, zero complaints, and let's go to the next mistake, which surely sounds like you. 

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