Glue is a versatile and practical product, but you have to know how to choose the one that works best on the material you are going to work with and the conditions of use. In this guide to glues and adhesives we explain the different properties of the different types of glue.
The glue is one of the first inventions of the human being; in fact, there is evidence of the use of adhesive natural resins used to make cave paintings as far back as 5,000 years ago. Our ancestors realized that collagen, a substance of animal origin, could also be used as glue. In fact, it is still used that way in the modern era.

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The formulas and ingredients of adhesive products have been transformed over the years, depending on the different materials and the applications required: from glues to sealants, from household to industrial uses, and even adhesives are used in the aerospace field and medicine. Today, for our daily projects, we have countless different types of glues, glues and adhesives, each one designed specifically for each particular condition and material.

Instant glue comes in two consistencies and the same powerful formula: liquid and gel. Choosing one or the other will depend on the type of project in which you want to use the adhesive.
Liquid instant glue provides excellent results on smooth and non-porous surfaces. Decorative ceramic pieces, wooden picture frames or the cover of small electrical appliances can be repaired quickly and efficiently with a good super glue. If the surface where you will apply the glue is wide, we offers you a practical applicator that will make the task of spreading the adhesive easier.

Gel instant glue is ideal for use on surfaces located vertically or on steep slopes, as it does not run or drip. If you are going to work with materials such as glass, concrete, paper, ceramic, polyester, cork, wood or steel and, above all, if the points to be adhered are in vertical or inclined planes, the gel superglue is the most suitable for these. cases.

Multipurpose glues, glues and adhesives are among the most useful products to have on hand at home, at school and in the workshop. Most of these adhesives work equally well on a range of materials as diverse as leather, glass, wood, cardboard, tile and concrete. Original is the most versatile multi-purpose super glue you can find. Its formula is waterproof and works both indoors and outdoors.

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