Today, land-based and online casinos are one of the most profitable industries in the world; This makes many players come up with their strategies on how to win money at the casino . But despite the fact that game rooms have an already established profit margin, you have the possibility of reducing it. Of course, the casino will always have its advantages, otherwise, no gambling company would be standing until today.

How To Apply Statistics And Mathematics To Win

For those who are just starting out in this exciting world of casino games, they will surely think that everything is a matter of luck. Although the games are called "of chance", countless investigations have been carried out over the years to try to verify the existence of another factor: the mathematical one.


With a positive result, the theory of probabilities was born. To summarize it, your hypothesis is based on the independence of the games but depending on the game, which means that the number of total and favorable results depends on the total number of results in general.


As we said before, games such as slot machines or roulette offer low chances of winning, but in blackJack, for example, mathematical and statistical strategies can be put into practice.


Being an extremely extensive and complex subject in many aspects, we are going to base ourselves on the most widespread strategy among players: the so-called classic martingale. This technique proposes to bet little by little, for example, one euro per play and, each time it is lost, double the bet to try to recover what was lost. According to the experts, if the same color is played five times, the chances of that color coming out increase exponentially. The calculation estimates that the fifth time the color that we chose in the five previous moves should come out.


In conclusion, if we bet one euro on the first play and we double the amount until the fifth bet (1, 2, 4, 8, 16), we will be putting sixteen euros that will be recovered and doubled for having beaten the bank. This leaves us as a teaching that, the less we bet, the more possibilities we will have, and that we must always remain faithful to the same color. We will not become millionaires, but we will be recovering the investment and a little more too.              

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