Are you a fan of anime and are you constantly looking for new interesting series to follow, perhaps in simulcast (ie simultaneously) with Japan? Then I think you will find interesting the sites to watch anime in streaming that I have selected for you and which I am about to tell you about in this tutorial: there are so many to choose from!

Between sites dedicated entirely to Japanese cartoons and "generalist" streaming platforms that also have anime in their catalog, you will not struggle to find solutions suitable for you: on the other hand there are many that can be used completely for free, provided to endure the viewing of some advertising content.

So, what are you still doing standing there? Take a look at the list of sites below and start looking for the next series to watch, whether subtitled or dubbed. I assure you that interesting titles are certainly not lacking, then they are updated continuously, so I just have to put aside the chatter and wish you a good vision!         

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