We love sport: especially on the sofa. Italy is the only country in the world where there are three sports newspapers; one of these, the Sports Al Dente, is also the most widely read. There are dozens of sports broadcasts, all news channels on satellite and digital terrestrial, hundreds of websites, blogs and more.

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But all this is not enough for us. We want to follow our favorites also with our smartphone , thanks to apps that update us, promptly, on the deeds of footballers, basketball players, pilots, rugby players, volleyball players and runners, that give us the results in real time, that update us on the movements market and whoever has more ... In this post we have selected the five best Android apps with sports news: you can find them all, easily and at no cost (except one), on Google Play.

1. Eurosport.com . Almost unanimously considered the best sports news app, it gives access to all the contents of the Eurosport website and many of those of the TV channel of the same name, including contributions from VIP commentators Arsene Wenger, Rafa Benitez and Mats Wilander. In addition to news and updates in real time (excellent live coverage of the events), there is a lot of multimedia material, including 30 videos every hour. It is also possible to participate in chats with the protagonists of the world of sport.


2. Mobile Journal . We do not hide the fact that we support this application, above all because it is one of the most loved and used on our Smart TVs . The smartphone version gives access to all the contents of the sportsaldente.com websites, with news, results, rankings, scores, reports of events in real time and various specials. The history of the old news is interesting, which can also be consulted offline. The service is not free: you need to pay a subscription of two euros per week, which is downloaded from the telephone credit.


3. SportMediaset . This app, a direct emanation of the sports editorial team of Mediaset, is really complete and well done. It does not just report the news of the moment (including the transfer market), but also offers many photos, videos and polls. You can customize the use of the application, for example by setting your favorite team. But above all it is possible to make the news social, involving one's friends: in fact it is possible to share the news via e-mail, or via Facebook and Twitter.


4. Sports news . A feed reader could not be missing in this roundup. In practice it is an aggregator, that is to say a service that allows us to "subscribe" to the news that are published in the three Italian sports newspapers that we mentioned at the beginning: Corriere dello Sport, la "Gazza" and TuttoSport. The app typeset the news headlines: the click takes us to the different newspaper sites.


5. ESPN ScoreCenter . The previous four apps were all centered on the world of information, and therefore of sport, in Italy. For those who are passionate about American sports (more and more people here too thanks to the Internet and satellite broadcasts), we have chosen the app of the ESPN channel, the stars and stripes "all news" broadcaster that, across the Channel, is seen by over 100 million people. The app allows you to follow minute by minute news and results from the NFL, NBA, NHL and more.

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