In recent years they have become a star ingredient in anti-aging cosmetics. Like other cosmetic active ingredients , peptides are part of the human body and have various functions.

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What are peptides?
Peptides are molecules formed by the union of different amino acids . These amino acids are joined by bonds called peptides. Peptides have various functions in the body, just like proteins. Depending on the number of amino acids that make up the peptide, the latter receives one name or another: oligopeptide, polypeptide, hexapeptide, tripeptide.

Peptides are involved in a large number of biochemical processes, they transmit information to cells, they connect the epidermis with the dermis so that it can regenerate faster, they stimulate fibroblasts , they favor the production of collagen, etc. Hence, they are important in skin care and, above all, in anti- aging cosmetics .

Although as we have said there are natural peptides in the human body, the peptides used in cosmetics are synthetic and their main problem is that their formulation is not simple and they are somewhat unstable, degrading by light and exposure to air.

What benefits do they have?
- They restore the skin, stimulate its renewal and regeneration , thus helping to fight against aging.

- Some peptides have shown a remarkable skin- soothing effect .

-Other peptides help improve the appearance of wrinkles , smooth expression lines and prevent loss of firmness .

How to use them?
Peptides are found in formulas for serums and creams (both facial and eye contour),  in different combinations and under various names, since there are so many types. To be beneficial for the skin, they must be combined with other active ingredients such as antioxidants or moisturizers ( hyaluronic acid , etc.). It is also possible to combine them with alpha hydroxy acids or with retinol.

Its effects do not last when you stop using the product, so you have to use it continuously to see its benefits. They can be used both during the day and at night , on all skin types, as they are well tolerated.

They are ideal for mature skin or those who want to slow down aging .

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