Are you thinking about testing in English?

Today, Lindsay introduces Jessica, the Examiner of Excellence, who’s here to help you excel at your English tests!


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Test preparation doesn’t have to be boring.  In fact, it should be interesting.  When you’re studying for an English test, it isn’t the same as studying for a math test.  You need to activate your emotions so you can remember more.

Reading or watching movies in English can help, but you can also practice writing essays on subjects that are interesting to you, or go out and speak English with native speakers.  Think of it as test preparation.


As for taking the actual test, Jessica has four essential tips to give you an advantage:

  • Be proactive.  Take an active approach that involves your brain.  Try to think about and predict answers.
  • Trust yourself.  Don’t start doubting yourself when answering questions.  Often, your first answer is the correct one.
  • Follow directions.  Tests are written by smart people.  Don’t start looking ahead and trying to race the clock.  If you do, you might miss an important instruction.
  • Don’t rush.  Don’t worry about timing.  Instead, focus on your English and do what the test asks you to do.


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