In this episode, Mike takes us on a wild romp through Southern Ohio. The episode begins with the story of Hang on Sloopy and how it became the official rock song of Ohio. Annie Oakley was a born sharpshooter, but growing up in western Ohio wasn't easy. Hear the story of her formative years in this episode. In 1884, corruption in Cincinnati led to one of the worst riots in American history. Find out how it started and what future U.S. President was involved in the clean up. You'll also hear about the Portsmouth Spartans, the NFL team who hosted the first night game and played the first playoff game in a hockey rink full of elephant manure. Finally, hear about the early life of Dave Thomas who went on to found the third largest fast food chain in the world which started right here in Ohio. Music for this episode comes from Megan Bee. To find out more, visit my website