Mike finishes off his time in North Carolina with this lively romp across the south of the state. This episode brings you the story of Wilmington native Charles Kuralt, one of the greatest journalists in American history who spent 20 years and a million miles On the Road. You'll also hear the story of legendary pirate Blackbeard and how he was killed off the coast of Ocracoke. Believe it or not the first gold rush in American history happened in central North Carolina, and you'll get that story too. Mike will also bring you the story of the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898, the only successful Coup d'etat in American history. Lastly, you'll hear about the rise of country music legend Randy Travis. Music for this episode was recorded live at the Drexel Barber Shop where a backroom bluegrass jam has been happening every Saturday for 50 years.