In this episode, Mike takes us to the track meets, courtrooms, beauty pageants and music clubs of Northern Alabama. Episode 20 begins with the story of the band Alabama and their meteoric rise from their roots in Fort Payne to becoming the biggest band in country music history. Next you’ll hear the story of Jesse Owens and his amazing performance at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. Then comes the story of Clyde May, a legendary Alabama moonshiner whose whiskey has been named the state’s official beverage. Next Mike will tell you about Harper Lee and the many challenges she faced in creating the incredible novel To Kill a Mockingbird. Finally comes the story of Deidre Downs, a Rhodes Scholarship Finalist turned Miss America turned MD. Music for this episode comes from Alabama legend Henry “Gip” Gipson who ran the last great Alabama juke joint for nearly 7 decades. To find out more, visit our website at