With no new Who on on the immediate horizon until Christmastime, KC and I have turned our attention to the Big Finish audio dramas and the return of David Tennant and Catherine Tate (as Ten and Donna, of course) to The Tenth Doctor Adventures, Vol 1

This set encompasses three stores: Technophobia, Time Reaver, and Death and the Queen.  We share our thoughts on the stories, try to place them chronologically (whatever that means) in Series 4, and gush about The DoctorDonna.  As usual, with Your Moment of Who, this is a reaction-cast, and not an in-depth analysis of these stories.

02:27 - Technophobia 07:25 - Time Reaver 13:11 - Death and the Queen 17:44 - Overall impressions & behind the scenes tidbits 21:45 - Opinions on the state of Who on TV 23:04 - Should we cover more audio productions? 28:40 - Coming up on Anomaly Supplemental

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