In this episode of Arriba! Folklorico Music and Dance of Mexico, we go further into the discussion of the grenres of the Romantic music of the Golden Age (Siglo de Oro) of Mexican Music during the 1950s and 1960s with the troubador group (los trios) called Show Janitzio.

The interview is conducted live at Estela's Restaurant in San Antonio, Texas. The musical piece titled A LA MUJER QUE YO AME begins this episode; and it is played in completion at the end of this podcast episode.

Special attention is paid to the composers of these romantic ballads and to the titles of the more famous songs--e.g., Roberto Cantoral, the composer of EL RELOJ, LA BARCA and REGALAME ESTA NOCHE, etc.

Also, listen to see which composers and which songs are the favorites of the group Show Janitzio.

In addition, the next episode of Arriba! Folklorico Music and Dance of Mexico will be focusing on the corridos and polkas of the Revolucion Mexicana of 1910.

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