In this epioside of Arriba! Folklorico Music and Dance of Mexico, we deliver a 4-minute promo podcast episode IN SPANISH to promote the upcoming event called a "Podcamp."

Yes, it is that time of year again. The second annual Podcamp (or Podcast unconference) will be held in San Antonio, Texas, on May 3, 2008. We will represent this podcast series in style. Not only will our presence be known, as we will deliver 2 presentations about the current phenomenon of New Media (podcasting), but we will also promote the podcast series in addition to the recent launch of two other podcast shows.
The presentations will be (1) How to avoid burnout and prevent podfading; and (2) How to take your podcast from hobby or Corporate podcast to profitable podcast. We will use examples from the recent launch of the 2 podcast series, the Struggling Entrepreneur (at and Gain Control of Your Day (at
The Podcamp San Antonio is an UN-CONFERENCE--that is, an unstructured event where anyone can present and participate--from the novice who is there for education, to the veteran podcaster who si there to take the podcast to the next level.
Last year, we had the pleasure of the company of Gary Leland, Mr. P. Dilly, who is also known as the Podcast Pickle, since he has a podcast directory known as the PICKLE.
The best part of the Podcamp event is that it is FREE -- a no charge event that helps the podcasting community bond and grow.
For more information, contact Michael DeLeon or Jennifer Navarrette (at, or go to the website of