I had planned to promote this podcast series at several PodCamp events, and I do plan to promote it at several more expo events, as I describe, below.
I was going to represent this series at the PodCamp MidWest session in Kansas City, scheduled for July 20-21, 2007. However, the event was cancelled for that date and is now being rescheduled. Well, a missed opportunity.

But, on Saturday, 28 July 2007, our podcast was highlighted and represented by myself as a speaker during the online "PodCamp" session (which went on all day from 9 am Eastern time to 9pm Eastern time, USA).
This online version of a Podcamp had many people logging in to hear speakers from all aspects of Podcasting--beginners, advanced, hints-and-tips, and many other contributors who shared information and suggestions and recommendations with the Podcasting community.

The PodCampCity Online wiki gave the agenda for this session. I was scheduled for the last presentation, from 8:30 pm Eastern time for 60 minutes.
Prior to that, I did attend other sessions from other contributors.
My presentation centered around the topic of "How to avoid burnout and prevent podfading." I did present a series of 10 charts in the online meeting room, which was quite nice -- it allowed one not only to upload and present slides (with the highlighting, pointing, color and other electronic tools from any electronic team meeting room), but also allowed the presenter to go to any live URL on the internet. In addition, other people could converse and share information or ask questions of the presenter from the group chat area, as well as queue up to ask a question from their local mic attached to their computers. It was quite impressive, although the bandwidth issue and network problems actually cut off my presentation for about 10 of the 60 minutes. I did send the coordinators of the PodCampCity Online copies of my slides, and they will be posted to the wiki (at the link, above) shortly.

During the morning and evening, when I was introducing my presentation and giving a short biographical sketch of myself, I did put in a promotion for the Arriba! Folklorico Music and Dance of Mexico podcast. Also, at several times when my bio was presented, I also played the beginning intro music to our episode 3 (the region of Veracruz) of this series. I also mentioned my bio in the form of an interview podcast from episode 13 of Immigration Tales podcast, which is hosted by Victor Cajiao (you can see previous posts about this).

And during the actual presentation, I spent a bit of time in which I explained about the Arriba! podcast.
I gave a lengthy description of how this podcast is my "passion" since 30 years ago, and how I used it to sharpen my skills as a podcast producer.
I also was able to mention the promotional podcast that I created and donated to the prior Podcamp session, PodCamp San Antonio on May 19, 2007.
This is the link to the mp3 file for this nearly 4-minute promo podcast recorded in SPANISH...

Our next episode will be coming later in August, as we prepare for representation at the Podcast and New Media Expo. (note: this is the same Expo event hosted by Tim Bourquin, and which I attended last year with the media kit from this series). I will be representing our podcast series with others in a special tract for educators, as well as hobbyists who will be podcasting for "passion."
If I have the time after attending the Podcast Academy 6 session at the Ontario, California, Marriott meeting room, I do plan to see if I can attend any sessions for the PodCamp Southern California session on the 27th of September, as that will be taking place at the Ontario, California, Expo showgrounds, as well.
I will be attending several sessions, events and presentations that will be hosted and given by Paul Colligan, the host of the popular Podcast Tools Weekly Update Podcast, as well as the author of the Business Podcasting Bible.
I will be representing this podcast series at all these events.

Thanks for your support, and I hope to see you at these upcoming events.