(note: this post was originally published prior to the conference)
On May 19, 2007, there will be an "unconference" held in the city of San Antonio, Texas. This podcast will be represented and presented there, as an example of "podcasting-for-passion."
I will be presenting 2 sessions:
(1) Title of session is "Experiences in Podcasting: podcasting-for-passion and corporate podcasting, as well as podcasting-for-profit"; and
(2) Title of the afternoon session is: "How to prevent burnout and podfading."

Since I had planned on attending this first PodCamp in the area and wanted to contribute to the community, I was asked to record a promo podcast in Spanish to promote awareness of the event for the San Antonio and surrounding communities.

Thus, I did record a promo podcast in conjunction with the organizers of PodCamp San Antonio

You can listen to the brief promo podcast by going to the to the web site, above, and review the details of the conference at this web site. The promo podcast is located there.

I will post another entry to this blog to let you know how things went at the event and describe the community at this first annual "unconference" called PodCamp San Antonio 2007. In the meantime, I will be promoting this podcast, as well as other cultural and educational podcasts, at the event.