This week on Arts & Seizures, Mike Edison is talking Thanksgiving wine with Jean Luc Le Du of Le Du’s Wines, Jessie Kiefer of HRN’s The Morning After, and Andy Shernoff: “the punk rock sommelier”. Tune into this episode to learn about the American cider revolution, and how cidermaking is similar to winemaking. Why does the cast think that Beaujolais Nouveau is a gimmick? This year, Thanksgiving overlaps with Hannukah; why does Mike Edison hate ironic wines like Manischewitz? Find out why it’s important to support American wine during Thanksgiving. Tune into this episode to hear about Jean Luc’s secret punk rock past, and how he met Andy Shernoff in the wine business! Thanks to our sponsor, Roberta’s.

“At Thanksgiving, you should drink what you want. It’s a long meal that you should enjoy with friends and family… I’m not trying to follow any recipes.” [13:30]

Jean Luc Le Du on Arts & Seizures