Infamously hedonistic Arts & Seizures hosts Mike Edison and Judy McGuire and a cast of thousands celebrate the double mitzvah of Thanksgiving and Hannukah with a one-hour, live on-air celebration featuring musical guests, turkey talk, and frank advice on how to deal with drunk family members and blast off into the holiday season with your sanity intact! All that plus the tips on how to flip the finest latke, and much, much more! Guaranteed to be the fastest hour in the history of the Internet, Mike & Judy take no prisoners — expect the unexpected in an hour of heresy, hilarity, and Heritage outrage. Special guests include Heritage Radio Network hosts Jimmy Carbone, Jessie Kiefer, and Erica Wides, plus American music by Brian Hurd of famous bluesers Big Daddy Long Legs and World’s Greatest Piano Player Mickey Finn! All that and special appearances by clergymen and psychotherapists to help you get through the hollydaze!