This week on Arts & Seizures, solo host Mike Edison is welcoming a few friends to the studio for a wine tasting, compliments of guest Sommelier Jean-Luc Le Du of Le Du’s Wines. Peter Zaremba and Keith Streng of The Fleshtones also join in the fun as they all kick off the show tasting some delicious cider, proving that cider is not only seasonal but can be enjoyed at any time of the year before moving on to more traditional wines. After the break, the group shares their Thanksgiving happenings, with Mike divulging his plan to cook a heritage turkey supplied by Heritage Foods USA. This program was brought to you by Roberta’s Pizza.

“It’s been tough, Bougelet Nouveau has had a terrible reputation… but you can enjoy this all day long.” [8:00]

“The thing about Zinfandel is that people lost interest in it about a century ago.” [12:00]

Jean-Luc Le Du on Arts & Seizures