Today on Arts & Seizures, the Stevie Nicks of Brown Liquor, ace-journo and charming conversationalist Rosie Schaap will be sitting in for wayward dipsomaniac Peter Zaremba, guaranteeing a lucidity and spark of sanity rarely heard on this show!!!! Joining us is a veritable Army of Darkness: Steven Blush is on to talk about his (quite literally) epic new volume NEW YORK ROCK, plus very special guest, the intrepid Dean Rispler, who has played in more bands than Ronnie Wood combined, promises yet more rock'n'roll punditry and fright night pranksterism. It's gonna be a real Halloween shake down, Episode 199, on the march to 200... I'm putting the razor blades in the apples RIGHT NOW!!! Tune in live 2 pm if your heart can stand it!!!