THIS SUNDAY on Arts & Seizures I'm going mano-a-mano with the great Danny Hellman, as fine an illustrator (and outspoken lunatic) as has ever been coughed up by the sewer that is our city. We'll be celebrating his outstanding new book RESURRECTION PERVERTS: HUNTER'S POINT, but also kvetching, kvelling, and kibitizing about our shared experience at Screw magazine and much, much more...I was looking for the classic Screw cover to show off Danny (this one isn't typical of the Hellman style, but what other magazine would ever dare to turn off even their most dedicated fans with that AL SHARPTON cover line in the eyebrows? We ruled.) (But for fucks sake you have seen Danny's work EVERYWHERE) -- anyway landed on these klassiks - Ronald Reagan and Glenn Danzig -- which should put him over with you punk rocking, liberal podcast -listening nerds. Isn't he the greatest?