On this week’s installment of The Mike & Judy Show, Mike Edison and Judy McGuire are joined by two authors, Mike Albo and Mishka Shubaly, who write short literature published by Kindle Singles. Tune in to hear discussions about how reading has gone by the wayside, and the studio’s opinions on whether Kindles are inspiring a younger generation to read or not. And what has Kindle done to authors? Shorter attention spans require shorter stories; hear how Kindle Singles has become a platform for writers who work on short-form literature. Are books destined to be the new vinyl records, relegated to collectibles? Also, tune in to hear some songs from Mishka’s drinking days. Other topics include tattoos, reality television, and trying out new jokes.This episode has been sponsored by Roberta’s

“What Kindle has done is that it has given us an outlet to publish something that otherwise would never see the light of day.” — Mishka Shubaly on The Mike & Judy Show