My first discovery of the world of baroque music is tied to this very concerto. I survey a number of excellent recordings.

  • Andreas Staier with FBO
  • Francesco Cera with I Barocchisi
  • Pierre Hantaï with Le Concert Français
  • Sergio Ciomei with Europa Galante

The harpsichord concertos by Bach are believed by some to all be arrangements of concertos Bach originally wrote for different instruments. In the case of BWV 1054, we have the surviving version for violin, the Concerto in E, BWV 1042. The harpsichord version differs, with Bach adding more idiomatic material for the harpsichord in several sections. Formally, the first and second movement contain more musical material and a short finale closes the concerto in the similar affable, cheery style that opened the concerto with a major triad.