I am soooo excited about this new episode! 🗣🇬🇧

As I did, you may have discovered JĂșlia as a finalist of the @bsr_berlinerstadtreinigung x @stiftung_naturschutz_berlin July 2022 contest, supported by the @yap_studio, to create a round about 200 sqm stunning mural in 8 days Jakob Kaiser Platz in Charlottenburg đŸ‘€đŸ‘©â€đŸŽš

JĂșlia is a super talented colorful illustrator and hand painting muralist from Brazil living in Berlin đŸŽšđŸŒ·

Enjoy a deep dive in her creative universe, art journey and freelance lifestyle â˜•ïžđŸŒŸ

Enjoy the show!