I have known Roberto (all pronouns) since a few months thanks to Peter 🧚‍♂️💕

From the first moment, Roby is an incredibly kind, sweet, intelligent and conscious person 🌈✨

When we met, they were already out of corporate world to become an entrepreneur and wishing to support the Queer community 💪🦄

Observing a lack of offers adressed to the Queer community, this spiritual fairy started ceremonies and retreats focused on them, the project @nomad.unicorns 🙏🫂

From Chile to Germany, life in Berlin, spiritual path, ceremonies and exploring what is next to come, we had a delightful and amazing conversation 🥳🪩

Have fun!

✍️ Notes on https://www.berlindetoi.com/roberto-andres-ampuero-nawrath/

Thank you dear Roby for this great moment and sharing your journey 🫶

Thanks to my dreamteam: @waveofsense_ for the logo & website glow up, @nicolas.nayener beat making and @val.prp for the sound system.