In this episode, we explore the history and traditions of the Mardi Gras Indians.

I’m excited about this one because cover a topic that has been frequently requested.  We cover the history and give you the run down on who they are, and what they do.  We talk about their significant role in New Orleans history, and we discuss the tremendous effort Mardi Gras Indians put into their craft.  We also give you the inside knowledge you need to see the Indians when you visit New Orleans.

 Additionally, we discuss the options for seeing Indians beyond Mardi Gras and provide you information about two museums dedicated to their history.

Get all this and more in today’s show!

NOTE:  While this may seem like an odd time of year to discuss the Indians, the timing is intentional.  The men and women who spend countless hours creating Mardi Gras Indian suits, then parading multiple times from Mardi Gras through Jazz Fest are extremely busy in the first half of the year.  I wanted to wait until this season passed so I would be able to meet with some of them without imposing on their time.  I hope you’ll find it was worth the wait!

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