In this episode, Mark talks with New Orleans musician Paul Sanchez.     Listen in as Paul talks about writing his first song at age six, growing up in a family of 11 children and playing street ball in the Irish Channel.   Paul takes us on a journey through time and New Orleans, weaving stories throughout the discussion.  Learn about the worst band name ever and how Paul made a music video with Steven Soderbergh!   Paul released his first solo album, Jet Black and Jealous in 1992.  In 2016 he released the sequel; Heart Renovations.  Mark and Paul discuss the similarities and differences and why it took so long!   In the years between, Paul was a founding member of the rock band Cowboy Mouth and an actor on the HBO Series Tremè.  He was a writer, producer and performer in the musical adaptation of Dan Baum’s book Nine Lives, and a collaborator with the likes of John Bouttè, John Rankin, Alex McMurray and just about every musician in the Crescent City.   By the end of the discussion, you'll be a fan of New Orleans’ best songwriter.  If you already know and love Paul’s music, you’ll learn some of the history and the stories from a New Orleans original.  Ever wondered about the story behind Nasty Evil Clown or Meet me at the Foot of Canal Street?    All this and more on episode #23 of Beyond Bourbon Street!

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