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02:07 - what was your favorite Carnival memory/moment this year 03:05 - Jazz Camp attendee asks what his wife should do while he’s Jazzing 05:28 - Talk about Midcity area 09:42 - When is the BBS Book Release? Who are you most excited to see at Jazz Fest? When will you have James Cullen back on? 13:20 - French Quarter Fest/Indian Museum, what are best bars/restaurants in area? 16:17 - tell me about Pirate’s Alley 17:57 - coffee - Talk about Chicory, Cafe Au Lait 20:49 - Lefcadio Hearn and his impact on culture? 23:54 - Favorite Parades (Day/Night/Family/NOTFamily) 29:04 - Favorite non-Canival season parade 30:04 - Hear more about your book publishing process 30:30 - What is a New Orleans Place or Event you still want to experience for first time? 32:00 - What’s the history of praline? 33:25 - Tips for bringing grandkids to Mardi Gras 35:50 - Tips for first timers at Jazzfest? 36:20 - what was your overall take on this Carnival season 37:28 - How’s Your back? How’s the book? Can you bring in food to Jazzfest? 38:16 - When will Beyond Bourbon Street come out as an audiobook? 39:02 - what goes into being a crew member of a large parade? 42:47 - what are your must haves in the bag for Jazzfest 44:50 - traditions, myths that resonate around New Orleans? 47:34 - camping options near New Orleans? 48:52 - what’s changed since the pandemic? 51:15 - life of an oyster shucker? 52:44 - well seasoned versus mouth on fire? 54:25 - what’s it like to be a kid in New Orleans?