In Episode 081 we sat down with Chef Bryan Lee Weaver (@BryanLeeWeaver) of the Butcher & Bee and the RedHeaded Stranger for a wide-ranging discussion about cooking, music, and his journey as a chef. Hanging on the back porch of his newest restaurant, the RedHeaded Stranger in East Nashville, we weaved in and out of topics and a fluid conversation that matched his own cooking styles. In addition, we touched on Weaver’s short stint as a Phish fan that ended in the mid-90’s. 

Songs discussed in this episode are: Black Sabbath: “Paranoid,” Harold Faltermeyer & Steve Stevens: “Top Gun Anthem,” Jimi Hendrix: “Hey Joe,” Metallica: “Solo In The Unforgiven,” Brian Jonestown: “Whoever You Are,” Eels: “Fresh Blood,” Flying Lotus: “Zodiac Shit,” Burial: “Archangel,” Gonjasufi: “She Gone.,” Thundercat: “Fleer Ultra,” Kamasi Washington: “Fists Of Fury,” Kendrick Lamar: “Hi Power,” Jamie xx: “I Know There’s Gonna Be Good Times,” Tupac Shakur: “I Get Around,” Phish: “Mike’s Song” (Live Phish 12–8/13/96), Kid Koala: “Bar Hopper 1,” Anticon: “Deep Puddle Dymanics,” Sole: “Bottle Of Humans,” Does One: “Spitfire,” Why?: “You Know Where Your Plane Is Pt. 2,” Subtle: “For Hero For Fool?,” Mountains Like Wax: “Control,” Rachel Kate: “Lost,” The Secret Machines: “The Road Leads Where It’s Led,” Townes Van Zandt: “To Live Is To Fly,” Archie Bell & The Drells: “Tighten Up Tighter”

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We want to tell you about a new show from Osiris, After Midnight. It tells the story of Phish’s groundbreaking festival on the eve of the new millennium, Big Cypress. Phish built a city for 80,000 fans in the Everglades, and capped off the festival by playing for 7 hours, ending the concert during sunrise on January 1, 2000. This five-episode series includes interviews with band members Trey Anastasio and Jon Fishman, fans and crew, and looks back on one of the most unique performances in music history. We’re going to play the trailer for you now. Please listen, and go to to subscribe.

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