In Episode 089 we discuss the advanced jam off David Bowie from April 8, 1992. At a time when the band was rarely flirting with deep improv, this shock jam off David Bowie hears them toying with a Tweezer Reprise jam before experimenting with Post-Peak Jamming in a calypso-ladened jam that feels four years ahead of its time.

Songs featured in this episode are: Daniel Lanois: “Panorama,” Calexico: “The Black Heart,” The Kinks: “Do You Remember Walter?,” Pixies: “Bone Machine”

In addition, we discuss two new 2020 records we highly recommend: Futurebirds: “Teamwork” and Bonnie Light Horseman: “Bonnie Light Horseman”

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We encourage all BTP Listeners to check out The Road To Now, the most curious history podcast online!

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Politics of Truth is a new Osiris original podcast focusing on the 2020 Presidential Campaign. Hosted by Bob Crawford of The Avett Brothers, the mission of the show is to connect with our nation’s most reliable journalists and socially-conscious musicians, with the goal of empowering our listening audience when they cast their votes in the upcoming primaries and general election.

The primary structure will be one-on-one interviews with Bob and notable political journalists or politically-active musicians. This biweekly show will kick off on Friday, February 7, with Bob interviewing Washington Post reporter Robert Costa just after the 2020 Iowa caucuses. Future guests to include:

John Heilemann, Showtime’s The Circus

Mark McKinnon, Showtime’s The Circus

Robert Costa, The Washington Post

Margaret Talev, Axios

Mickey Hart, The Grateful Dead

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