In this podcast episode, Sandra D Steele, the CEO of Bitdetee, explores the power and influence of celebrity fashion. Steele discusses how celebrities have become cultural icons and how their fashion choices can shape trends and influence consumer behavior.  Steele examines the ways in which celebrity fashion has evolved over time and the impact of social media on the industry. She also delves into the role of stylists and how they work with celebrities to create memorable and influential fashion moments.  Throughout the episode, Steele shares her own experiences working in the fashion industry and collaborating with celebrities. She also discusses the challenges of balancing creativity and commerce in celebrity fashion and the potential risks of cultural appropriation.  This podcast episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the intersection of fashion, celebrity culture, and media. Steele's insights and experiences provide a unique perspective on the power dynamics at play in the fashion industry and the influence of celebrity fashion on popular culture #bitdetee #bitdeteeshirt #bitdeteeshop #bitdeteestore

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