How do you become a Biz woman who ROCKS? Listen to our Interview with Avi Gardner of Front and Center Marketing! What blew me away the most about Avi Gardner was just how scrappy she is! Her company Front and Center Marketing is a niche business that focuses on helping health food brands get their product into the mouths of potential customers through sampling, whether that be through coupons or actual tastings at venues. She has a unique story of going from corporate to starting her business to jumping back into corporate while doing the "side hustle," all the while growing her company any way she could! In this inspiring interview, she shares what any company should do in order to optimize "sampling" to their market and how she's built a $2 million business by 100% word of mouth marketing! Avi's Kick-A$$ Quotes: We are all word of mouth, so the most effective marketing strategy that we have is doing a really good job with what we do. Don't get so into yourself that you can't see what's the right thing to do for your business. I'm the kind of person who's always going to succeed so I'm just gonna get out there and find another client. Avi's Favorite 5: 1. Book: How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and How to Listen so Kids Will Talk by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish (get a free audio of this book now! 2. Business Tool: gChat! 3. Place to Eat in Boulder, Colorado: Amu Japanese Bistro 4. Mommy tool: balls for her sons to kick around the house! 5. Favorite city: any beach in Hawaii Find out more about Avi and Front & Center Marketing!