I asked Laura the question, "how did you get out of the 'daily's' and get to a place where you have a global company but you're spending your time doing only what you love?" Her answer will astound you, as will her story! Laura Berg created My Smart Hands simply because she was fascinated with sign language and its ability to help babies communicate with us! Her brand has expanded organically throughout the years into a respectful array of platforms, including her book The Baby Signing Bible, her App, her classes and her YouTube Channel that has over 30 million views! She is a fantastic business woman and has what everyone strives for: a very profitable business that's impacting people all over the world while she's edged her way out of the "daily's" and into working on only the tasks she loves the most: creating videos and doing video marketing! In this inspiring business interview, you'll hear all about her entrepreneurial experience and how she's done it! http://bizwomenrock.com/225