In this special community episode, I have 3 special announcements for you: 1. She is officially HERE!! The newest member of the Biz Women Rock daughter, Sedona Marie Krimitsos. Yes, we named her after the magical, energetic, breath-taking and beautiful city of Sedona, Arizona. I'm from Arizona and the first time I took my husband there and I got to see him fall in love with it, it became a special place for us. The funny thing is that the word "sedoni" in Greek means...bed sheets. Yup, that's right...our Greek relatives laughed their faces off when we told them her name!! 2. The Biz Women Rock podcast will now be released once a week on Mondays! 3. Interested in hearing about the Facebook Groups ROCK course? It's opening back up soon! Let me know you're interested by emailing me at