1. 1 + 1 = 2


Math.  You need to know it.  It is impossible to survive in your business if you can’t generate more revenue than expenses.  Your number one priority in business is to create a profitable company.  Without your business being profitable, you can’t do anything else.  You can’t continue serving your clients.  You can’t continue to expand.  You can’t give to others.  You can’t employ others and create financial success for them.  So learn your numbers.  Get familiar with Profit & Loss statements, financial forecasting, budgeting and Sales.  



There are some teachers you seek out and others who come into your life unexpectedly.  They all have something to teach you.  Take in the lessons and implement them in your business.  There’s no need to be the class rebel who gives your teachers a hard time.  It doesn’t benefit anyone.  Learn what you need to and move onto the next lesson.  



If you looked at the popular rhetoric of what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, lack of sleep would seem like one of the most prevalent necessities.  This is total bullshit.  While I have known entrepreneurs who have “hustled” their way to success, sacrificing sleep, time with family, health and much more, I know just as many who have become successful and maintained a healthy lifestyle.  While you may have moments of little sleep, by no means does this need to be the norm in order to grow the business of your dreams!  Sleep!  Your body, your energy and your business will thank you.

  1. PLAY!


Not only did Kindergarten teach us that playing often is vital for our creativity and our social skills, it taught us that it was important enough to have a spot on our daily schedule!  Incorporating play time into your life - whether it’s business related or not - is vital to your business success (and overall happiness!).  Maybe that looks like drinks with a girlfriend once a week.  Maybe that looks like doodling in your journal every day.  Or playing catch with your daughter.  If you love your business like I do, it can be a challenge to “turn it off,” but doing so and dedicating time to play will continue to feed your creativity and your zest for your business!



I hate to break it to you, but you don’t know it all.  Even if you’ve built a 6 figure, 7 figure or 8 figure business...there is always more to learn!  Invest your time, money and energy into your continued education (like the kind that happens in the Biz Women Rock Academy!).  Not only will it keep you quick on your toes in your industry, but it ensures you never get bored in your business.  

  1. BE YOU


Remember how you could name off every person in your Kindergarten class and easily describe their personalities?  That’s Doug...he’s quiet, super smart and always wears grey.  Everyone who shows up in in business is their own, unique individual.  Don’t be them.  Be YOU.  You have no competition in this game.  You just have you.  Stop thinking you need to do something “like she’s doing it,” or that your success isn’t “as good as hers.”  Be unapologetically you and the game gets so much easier!



Owning your own business can be lonely.  Maybe you’re working from your home and your spouse or pet is the only other living being you see all day.  Maybe you go to your office and interact with your team every day, but crave deeper relationships with fellow biz women.  There are others just like you who are craving the same!  Make the effort to build great friendships!  You can do this by joining free communities (like the Biz Women Rock community!), joining local networking groups, taking the time to have weekly or monthly coffee dates with cohorts, joining paid masterminds, group coaching programs or attending business retreats.  Great friendships take time and energy to cultivate and it’s well worth your investment!



I distinctly remember the day I pooped my pants in Kindergarten.  Yup.  Me.  Already potty trained.  In front of everyone.  Horribly embarrassing.  I can 100% promise you that “poopie” will happen in your business.  Accidents.  Mess ups.  The unexpected.  No matter how well trained you are.  Publically.  Privately.  Big.  Small.  It’s normal and it happens to everyone.  Pick yourself back up.  It’s all going to be okay.  Don’t beat yourself up.  Don’t blame others.  Just learn from it and move on (and perhaps come prepared with some pull up diapers for a few days after until you feel confident again).  ;)

  1. SHARE


This world is abundant and there is plenty to go around.  Help others who need help.  Share your knowledge, your expertise, your wisdom, your money, your ideas, your time, your talents, your resources.  Don’t wait until you’ve “made it” to give to others.  Do it now.  As I’ve been telling my toddler a lot lately, “it’s a lot more fun with you share with others!”

  1. SHOW UP


More than once, I got on the bus to Kindergarten with tears in my eyes.  I didn’t want to go.  It could’ve been because Curt was picking on me yesterday and I didn’t want to face him again.  It could’ve been because my teacher asked me to answer a question and I couldn’t answer it and it was incredibly embarrassing.  It could’ve been because the boy I liked chased Mary around the playground and not me.  It could’ve been because I didn’t do my homework and I knew I was going to be unprepared for the lesson that day.  But no matter what, my mom always made me go.  And 100% of the time, something great would happen at school.  Curt shared a toy with me or my teacher (gratefully) didn’t call on me during the lesson or I ended up playing with someone new and made a new friend!  There are going to be plenty of times you do not want to show up for your business.  Show up anyway.  I guarantee you something good will come out of it.