When Chrissie Wywrot sets her mind to do something...she does it.  And does it big.  As a young woman, she knew she wanted to work for the NFL.  And sure enough, she ended up doing the social media marketing for the Detroit Lions, a super sweet gig where she was able to be on the forefront of big brands being on social media.  So...she learned a lot.  

Then, with two kids and a brand new baby, she began her business because her family needed more income.  She’s always been a good writer, so she chose to focus on helping people with LinkedIn marketing.

During our conversation, Chrissie talks about…

  • Why she decided to niche down her skills to offer only LinkedIn marketing services
  • How she managed a complete rebrand once she realized how she wanted to niche
  • How her LinkedIn marketing business got legs by being live and in person, networking around her local community.
  • How she manages the “feast or famine” cycle that most service providers go through...the process that happens when you go out networking, attract clients, but then become so busy servicing those clients that your pipeline goes dry because you’re not out networking.
  • How she’s evolving her business as she becomes a teacher of what she knows. 
  • The power of owning her own philosophy of LinkedIn and why that sets her apart.

To check out Maggie Patterson (whom we talk about), here’s her site: https://smallbusinessboss.co/

To find out more about Chrissie, visit her website here: https://chrissiewywrot.com/

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