When I saw Jen Mavros’ video announcing she was leaving her old business behind and stepping into a new business, I obviously could relate.  Jen has been helping entrepreneurs manifest soulfully aligned desires and dreams in life and business for 7 years now as a coach and mentor, speaker and leader.  But a few years ago...she began questioning, feeling and ultimately...listening. Which has led her to an entirely new business, the first iteration of which is called Loving Business Forward.

But one thing really struck me in her announcement was that she said that her podcast, The Jen Mavros Show is the one thing that’s coming with her in the transition.  

So, I brought Jen on for the Podcasting Series and you’ll get to hear her answer to why her podcast is the only thing coming with her.  We’ll also dive into why she’s going through a transition in business and how scary and exciting that’s been for her.

We discuss…

  • Why she “unbranded” herself as a coach
  • How she used - and continues to use - meditation as her biggest tool to get in touch with what’s right for her.
  • What “surrendered flow” means to her and her opinion of “hustle.”
  • What the realities of her money have actually looked like during this transition
  • The breakdown of her next evolution of business (it’s beautiful!)

Jen is phenomenal and if you resonate with her message about doing business in a way that is aligned with who you are and doing it differently than what you typically see out there, then I would encourage you to go find out more about her and everything she’s doing here: 

Jen’s website - https://www.jenmavros.com/

Loving Business Forward - https://www.lovingbusinessforward.com/


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