When I reached out to Kirsten to feature her on this Mompreneur Series, I joked with her that the title of her episode would be Five F*&#^@g Kids and a Business!  Now, obviously, I changed the title to be a bit more appropriate, but that’s pretty much what we’re discussing in this interview.  Kirsten Oliphant is the owner of Create If Writing, a podcast and business that provides education and resources to writers, bloggers and entrepreneurs who want to build their online following and make money through their writing.  During our conversation, Kirsten shares about how her business now looks very different than what it did when she had her first kid and ultimately how her business evolved because of her growing family.  She then gives incredible, practical advice - hacks on how to best manage your time so you’re the best mom and entrepreneur you can be!  From how to organize your schedule to local resources you can take advantage of!  And ultimately, we discuss finding your own place of peace in the ever-moving “mompreneur equation” we must all manage!  Kirsten is a wealth of information and gives great advice for how to do it all (and be okay with the fact that it’s all a mess too!).  She may have convinced me to go for five kids… ;)

Check out more about Kirsten and her brilliance here: --> CreateIfWriting.com